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Business ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in Dubai to start their own Business in 2020


For more than a decade, business in Dubai is flourishing and expanding by leaps and bounds. Dubai has rapidly achieved its position as the global city that is the first choice of entrepreneurs for launching their dream business. But more than a few people -especially of the Western hemisphere can not help but wonder about the fate of women in the country. As the UAE is a country that predominately is of Arabic ethnicity and thus is Muslim. That makes them believe that Arab women are not allowed to work or do any forms of business because Islam prohibits it.

Well, the preconceived notions of the world are not all TRUE!

What they do not know is Islam was the first religion that gave rights to the Muslim women, not only that it also empowered women to do as they please. A woman in the UAE is free to do any business that she wishes to do so long as it is within legal bounds.

That is the only restriction. Otherwise, women entrepreneurs are more than welcome to turn their business idea into a reality and turn it into a profitable business venture.

In fact, women are key to the economic future of the UAE.

As a woman who is setting up a business in Dubai, the business specialists recommend that you should not invest in a business that requires significant capital investment or a lot of heavy-lifting to make it a success. Instead, you should spend your precious time and money on small but profitable business ideas so that you can divide your attention equally between your family and work.

Best Small but Profitable Business Ideas For Women Entrepreneurs in 2020:

If you are a woman entrepreneur, wanting to start a business in Dubai, then here are ten business ideas just for you:


Even though there are multiple boutiques in Dubai to the point that the market is saturated. Still, there is always a need and demand for pretty, unique and trendy clothes at an affordable price.

Furthermore, as Dubai is the commercial capital of the world, consumers are increasing day by day. Hence, if you have a passion for fashion, you will quickly be able to find a niche for yourself in a short time. And start making a profit.

With a sound understanding of the latest fashion trends and a reliable supply, you can easily start a business in Dubai.

The boutique business can also be done online all you need for that is an E-commerce license and you are all set.

Alteration and Fitting:

An alteration and fitting business is a simple but profitable business idea. That can be operated from your home. All you need is a sewing machine, and the skill to work it. This business is fit for women entrepreneurs or “mompreneurs” as they are lovingly dubbed.

With the smallest capital investment, the alteration business setup can be initiated. You can do this business on the side so that your focus and attention can remain on your children, and still, you will be able to turn in a handsome profit.

Renting Out Costumes and Formal Clothes:

Costume rentals and Formal clothes are two separate business ideas but are of similar nature that’s why they are paired here.

Renting out costumes is a well-received business in Dubai. As various schools, nurseries, kindergartens, theatre and ballet companies require costumes for their performances and it is cheaper for them to rent the outfits for an evening instead of buying them.

Similarly, Formal wear rentals are in-vogue right now as people prefer to rent the evening wear rather than buying them as it saves them a lot of money.

This business idea can also be started at home i.e a working example of a home based business in Dubai with minimum investment. By providing steady and trustworthy service, you can establish yourself as your local school or your neighbour’s go-to supplier.

Interior Decor Store:

A good eye for art can be easily converted into a lucrative business opportunity. If you possess this quality, then you can start your own interior business in Dubai. To set yourself apart from your competitors, you can try to add in a little bit of a twist, i.e. infuse local art, culture and crafts into your natural flair for design and decoration.

As a woman in business, this is a fantastic opportunity as people will take your advice earnestly as most believe that women are the absolute authority when it comes to interior decorating! You can use this for your advantage.

Event Planning Agency:

If you enjoy planning family get-together or just like planning, then you may be looking at your next profitable business idea, i.e. an Event planning and management agency. Running the agency requires excellent organizational, managerial and planning skills that are imperative if you are seriously considering to start this business in Dubai.

As with every business, it is fundamental that you deliver a reliable ,on-time and dependable service to maintain the customers you have gained.

You should acquire a event management license to make your business legal.

Graduating from university in events management or a related major is a bonus, but it is not required.

Open A Wedding Consultancy:

Similar to an event management business, if you have exceptional planning skills and can handle the immense pressure of working on a tight schedule, then you can open a wedding consultancy.

Over the past decade, the need for wedding consultants has sky-rocketed. Nowadays, people are too busy with juggling their personal and professional life that they have zero time to stress about the necessary details that come with wedding planning.

And with the dawn of social media, creating a perfect wedding filled with whimsy and fantasy has escalated. All of these reasons have created a need for professional wedding consultants. Women entrepreneurs can consider opting for this business idea to capitalize.

Open a Pet Store:

Another low-cost, high-reward business idea is opening a pet store. This pet store can sell food for dogs, cats , birds and fish. Also, it can have cute little accessories and knick-knacks as an added attraction.

Homemade Cookie Baking E-Service:

This e-service eliminates the need for renting a space exclusively for business purposes; this is especially marvellous for mom-entrepreneurs who are juggling child-rearing with their professional lives and are trying to support their families.

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Designer Throw Pillows:

All you need to start this business is an eye for detail and a knack for creating unique designs. You can produce throw pillows by employing various distinctive ways, that will give each of your creations an exclusive look and will appeal to a particular niche of customers who are willing to pay an excessive amount to get their hands on them.

Customizable T-Shirts:

Recently, customizable T-shirts business has turned into a lucrative business opportunity, so as a woman entrepreneur, you should consider this business as your debut in Dubai business sphere.

All you need to start this business is: A digital printing machine and some plain t-shirts.

If you are a women entrepreneur who has a dynamic business idea, then Dubai is the place for you to launch your business.

In case of any queries hire business setup Consultants, they will guide you effectively.

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