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Best Small Business Investment Opportunities in 2018


Are you looking to start a new business in Dubai with low investment? And searching for most profitable ideas for small business in Dubai? In this article, we have narrowed down to make a list of top 10 best small business investment opportunities in Dubai in 2018 so you can decide which one suits you the best.

Dubai is commercial capital of United Arab Emirates. It is the most sought after investment destination. The reason lies in its excellent infrastructure and business friendly policies which are formulated especially to encourage foreign direct investment. According to World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report, UAE ranks on number 21 which is far better than its neighboring countries. If you want to know further benefits of doing business in Dubai, read here.

List of Top 10 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Dubai:

1. Specialty School For Foreigner’s Children

Dubai is very diverse place which has people coming from different parts of the world having different ethnicity and backgrounds. These people also bring along their families in order to settle down. A great business idea would be to start a specialty school for expat’s children. You can give them cooking classes or teach them specific learning course like language or any other activity. It will surely be a success for you.

2. Advertising

Dubai provides great opportunities to advertising professionals. You can start your service from home and as your business grows, you can form your own advertising agency.

3. Clothing

Dubai is paradise for shoppers and demand for clothing and fashion apparel is always high. So it is a great idea to invest in this lucrative sector.

4. Beauty Salon

People are very conscious about their beauty. Dubai is a happening city and every day there are many new events to attend so setting up beauty salon is a great idea for small business if you have required training or hire trained staff.

5. Travel agency

Being one of the major travel destinations in the world, forming a travel agency is a great idea as millions of tourists will come and leave Dubai annually. Also the population of Dubai comprises of more than 85% expatriates.

6. Online Delivery Service

Many foreigners come to Dubai for work and business opportunities alone and they are away from their families. That is why they keep sending gifts or parcels to their home through courier services. You can start your own online delivery service or you can even start a website which can provide price of different courier services and their comparison which can help foreigner book accordingly. App based delivery services is gaining popularity in Dubai; provided you carry out proper digital marketing so that you can easily capture the market.

7. Cleaning service

It is also a good idea to start a business which provides cleaning services. Starting this business does not need much capital. Hire trained professionals so that your customers can place their trust on them and you take necessary care of labor cost. This is an easy business to start.

8. Bakery

Setting up a restaurant requires more capital in Dubai. So if you know baking, you can use online facility and social media platform to virtually take order and then deliver the order to customer’s home. This can save you a lot of money. With time, you can setup your own bakery.

9. Food processing

Food processing is also profitable sector in Dubai as the city attracts huge number of visitors from around the world annually who eat different kind of food.

10. Handyman

This sector is also gaining popularity in Dubai as people are always in need for skilled workers. The work of skilled worker can be diverse like maintenance, repair, plumbing, electrical job etc. You can start this business by first acquiring people with those skills so that you offer different forms of services to the client.

If you are looking for more business ideas, you can read here. Once you have finalized your idea, you can ask for our consultancy for your business formation. We at KWSME specialize in providing complete business setup services. You take care of your business operations and leave the incorporation process upon us. Contact our experts for more information.

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