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An Entrepreneur’s Guide for Financing in the UAE in 2020


Dreamers come from far and wide to the Middle East because they know that the only place in the world where their dreams can become a reality is the UAE.

The trust of the international community in the UAE was not built in a day. The government of the UAE employed administrative tactics and policies that attracted the foreign investors. 100 percent foreign ownership and lax taxation laws transformed the UAE into the success story that others desperately want to replicate.

However, investing in an alien territory is not all sunshine and rainbows. To minimize the risk, we have devised an investment guide that will help you in getting most out of your money especially in the Dubai business sphere.

6 Tips for Investing in the UAE that will Surely Turn a Profit!

1. Choose Your Potential Business Carefully

The UAE is a dynamic, versatile country, with a huge potential for adopting new trends–cultural, business or of other kinds–. Because of this adaptability, any crazy idea with the right business plan can flourish and prosper.

But you should also take into account that this seemingly modern country is still very much traditional at heart, so do keep this little nugget of information in mind!

Now, how to assess which idea can translate into a profitable business? You can make an educated guess for example, nowadays the real estate sector is thriving in the UAE, so it will be safe to assume that any investment in this sector will yield profitable results.

Furthermore, you are strongly advised to do your research so that you know about the business landscape of the country you are about to invest in.

2.Investing in the Local Markets

With everything in the world there are certain positives and negatives of any action you do. Similarly, investing in the UAE is a double-edged sword, so you should consider all the factors meticulously before you even think about parting with your hard-earned cash.

Having said that, you should thoroughly investigate and make a list of all the sectors of the UAE that give benefits to the foreign investors. For instance, the hospitality and tourism industry have ample business opportunities for expats, thanks to the UAE government’s new visa policy.

3. Make a Budget!

I know this tip is not really needed or is ground-breaking in any way. Nevertheless, it is critical that you know how much money you have ? and how much money you have at your disposal for investment in a business setup in dubai of your own?

Once you have a complete understanding of where you stand financially, you will be able to make sound investments.

Consequently, last year the Central Bank of the Emirates introduced new mortgage policies specifically designed for overseas investors. This is good news for new entrepreneurs who are trying to break into the free and liberating world of entrepreneurship.

A word of caution: If because of some unforeseen reason you fail to pay your mortgage, you can land yourself in a world of trouble where hefty fines are only the tip of the iceberg.

Therefore, tread carefully!

4. Risk and Return are Part and Parcel of Business

Before starting a business in Dubai you should do your homework. By homework, here we mean that you atleast know about all the fundamentals of doing business.

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Because, if you fully understand the basics then it will be easy for you to understand the correlation between risk and return. Higher risks yield higher expected returns thus, according to this principle the level of risk taken by the entrepreneur or investor determines the returns.

Hence, you should invest your money wisely by taking calculated risks from time to time that generate good returns.

5. Be Prepared —Always Have a Backup Plan Ready

Even though UAE is a stable economy, which is one of the reasons that foreign investors are flocking the country by the dozens. Still, one should always be ultra-careful where money is concerned.

For instance if you plan to invest your money in direct equities that are offered by the various sectors of the Emirates. These equities are a quick way to make a profit but in the long run the risk is just not worth the return as these direct equities are governed by the highly-volatile market.

6. Don’t Hesitate to Speak to a Financial Expert

Lastly, in case of any queries or if you find yourself second-guessing your decisions or are not sure what to do next do not hesitate for a second and speak to a financial expert.

These experts will address all your problems and provide solutions to said problems.

Also, if you are still troubled you can hire these financial professionals that are literally an email or phone call and are capable of helping you with your financial troubles.

If you follow all of these tips, you will surely give a roaring start to your startup. Moreover, you will be more prepared to face the challenges that come with owning your own business setup.

Are You Ready to Invest in UAE?

The UAE provides a wide array of investment opportunities for anyone that is looking for high return on investments. Even those who don’t have much capital can benefit by investing in mutual funds and cryptocurrencies.

We at KWS MIDDLE EAST assist entrepreneurs in starting a business in Dubai. If you are thinking about investing in the UAE by setting up a business setup, then contact us. We will be more than happy to provide you with more information.

Contact us today and book your commitment-free call today!

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