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8 Ways of Choosing A Winning Domain Name for your Business in Dubai


Over the last decade, the way we do business has changed drastically, and the dynamics of marketing have also evolved. Now, the most effective way of reaching your potential customers is by having a strong online presence as the majority of online searches happen on the worldwide web. As the consumers now before purchasing the product or service like to conduct a thorough web search. If you have a user-friendly website that is easy to find and navigate through, the chances of you increasing your profits by making a sale is guaranteed.

Therefore, whether you are a well-established business or are a newly launched startup, you need to have a well-developed and maintained website.

On that account, you should seriously consider a couple of critical factors while brainstorming domain name ideas for your business. To help you in making this decision below, we give you a quick rundown for selecting a winning domain name for your business in Dubai so that you can choose one that does its job.

The Eight Ways of Nailing a Winning Business Domain Name is listed under:

1. Be Brandable

In the course of your business journey, you will invest (sometimes heavily) in creating a name for your company in the cut-throat world of entrepreneurship. Coming up with a brandable domain name that is uniquely you, makes it infinitely easier for it to become a brand in the future. Moreover, it also ensures that all your hard work does not go to waste.

Also, because brandable business domains are matchless, making them unique, your business’ website will always show up at the top of the web search results. Thus, choosing a quirky, unintuitive business name lets your customers easily find you when they are looking for you, which is a big plus. Furthermore, you need to avoid inserting numbers or anything more that makes it sound intricate and unnatural. So consider all these factors before setting up a business in Dubai.

2. Make It Pronounceable

Even if you are choosing to go with a brandable domain name that is often seemingly random words grouped together to form a catchy brand name, make sure that you are adhering to the general rules of branding. There should not be any ambiguity on how to pronounce the name of your company. It should read like it is articulated, and must not have any unnecessary letters or characters that make it hard to say.

Always remember that Processing fluency is key while choosing a proper band name. Our brains can process that information efficiently, which is easier to remember.

Avoid the domain name that is too hard to figure out; therefore, people routinely misspell them, and as a result, all of that valuable web traffic is lost. Most people do not have the time or patience to try multiple Google searches. Consequently, they tend to abandon exploring for your particular brand’s site quickly.

3. Keep It Short, and Catchy

Short, memorable, and straightforward are the factors you should keep in mind while naming the business domain name. Also, you should aim to coin a catchy business name that can instantly capture the potential customer’s attention and hold it. The brandable name you decide, should look, feel, and sound fresh and exciting, and is trendy and be super fun and easy to pronounce. In short, you need to strike a perfect balance between these two aspects to break from the competition and stand out.

Out of the many options out there, you can opt for using an acronym or your initials as your brand name. It is the ultimate solution to your pursuit of brevity, especially if you have marketed your product by referring to it by its initials repeatedly.

But how do you know for a fact if a name that you find catchy will be just as appealing to other people, primarily your target audience? An excellent way is to test the company name out on your friends and family. Ask them to tell you the impression they get when they hear it and what their thoughts are. Then, ask them the next day to recall the name. If they can remember it, that’s a great sign.

4. Choose “.com” Everytime

Being different and unique is not always better when it comes to choosing suitable website extensions. “.com” is the most common extension out there and is easily remembered, plus it is also widely used.If, for some reason, you can not get the “.com” extension. Then go with other reputable and well-known extensions such as “.org” or “.co” or “.net.” Then plan to get “.com” in the future.

Over time, Google has fixed its algorithm to limit the spammy SEO domain. The “.com” extension not only helps with brand identity but also makes it look more trustworthy and authoritative. Besides that, “.com” is also a renowned SEO fodder and draws in heavy web traffic.

5. Avoid Trademark Infringement

A brandable domain name should not be easily mixed and confused with the name of another brand, make sure to keep it distinctive and unique from your competition. Moreover, having a similar name can land you in a world of trouble as it is considered unlawful. You could be sued on account of being found guilty of trademark infringement. The court could impose monetary fine on you and can force you to give up the domain name. You can look to see if the domain name breaks any UAE trademark laws before you register your name with the concerned authorities.

Pro Tip: If the customers can confuse your name with another brand, so can search engines. Selecting a name that is comparable to another company can negatively affect your search engine results—leading to it being cluttered with garbage links.

6. Use Keywords Sensibly

If you pick a keyword-based brand name, make sure it either:

  • Perfectly encompasses your value position.
  • It gives people an understanding of your brand positioning or range.

However, you should have alternatives prepared in case exact match phrases to your domain name does not pan out. You should be flexible while naming your business.

Pro Tip 2: You should also avoid using general expressions and idioms as they are no doubt easy to remember but can hinder your SEO significantly.

7. Append Or Revise If Necessary

The business domain name should be catchy and provide an insight into your product or service rendered. You can adjust, modify, and generally play with the words to make it more creative and unique. You can also use some social media before choosing a domain name by involving the target audience and using their feedback to fine-tune it.

The most crucial task in establishing your business either online or offline is choosing a fitting domain name. By employing an excellent marketing strategy, you can build a buzz around your business and craft a lasting brand image. Bear in mind that the domain name must be both consumer and SEO friendly. You need to pick a domain name that fits your business. A reliable domain name segregates you from the thousands of get-rich-quick-scheme sites and appends professional credibility and reliability to your business.

8. Get Professionals Involved

A Business domain name is imperative for any size of business. It should promote a sense of professionalism and satisfaction in your customers, and also successfully lures buyers with a chic and captivating slogan.

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