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8 Things To Consider Before Starting a Restaurant


Thinking of trying your luck in Dubai as a restaurateur? As with any business, starting a business in the food industry, especially a restaurant, is an overwhelming task that requires significant heavy lifting. Besides that, it requires immense attention to detail towards all the things about the restaurant, from designing a menu that showcases your uniqueness and individuality to employing efficient work staff. All of these, when executed with finesse, resulting in the success of the eatery.

Nevertheless, the idea of owning and running a restaurant is every foodie and chef’s dream.

So, if you are a chef ready to exhibit your culinary prowess to the world or a food lover with a knack for entrepreneurship, then here are a few things that you need to know before starting a restaurant business in Dubai.

Formulating a Clear Business Plan

It is vital that, first and foremost, you devise a clear business plan. Because a business plan will outline the restaurant’s concept and will detail how are you planning on transforming into a profitable business. As you study and research information for your business plan, you will realize that many elements should be considered meticulously, such as financing, location, menu, staffing, and theme of the restaurant to give your business the best chance for success.

Regarding the theme of the restaurant, it should be a simple enough idea that can be easily understood by the masses. Plus, your concept will be pivotal in determining the decor, menu, and overall look and feel of the restaurant.

Furthermore, doing extensive market research is essential. Learn what financial performance to expect and plan your business plan accordingly.

Patience and Perseverance

Remember that owning a restaurant is arduous than a full-time job. It means that you should prepare yourself to be at work most of the time, particularly in the beginning.

Restaurant owners need to work round the clock, including during the holidays and on the weekends. People, especially in Dubai, are looking for a new place to eat out daily, so you will want to capitalize on this opportunity as much as possible and remain open on most days.

Keep in mind that restaurants in Dubai or anywhere else for that matter are not a get-rich-quick-scheme. But they require an extreme amount of patience, perseverance, and resilience to start generating revenue. Therefore, you should have a sound support system on whom you can rely on when you are disheartened or demoralized.


The first rule of business is that never, ever assume anything, do your research , get the facts, and then plan accordingly. Likewise, don’t ever expect that the customers will swarm your restaurant once it opens its door. Be prepared for rejection, and having your self-esteem shattered repeatedly. Opening a restaurant in Dubai is no small feat. Consequently, do your research and stick to your guns. Eventually, you will be able to penetrate the market and will successfully make a name for yourself.

One Word — Location!

An excellent location for a restaurant is a vital contributing factor to the probable success of the establishment. A good rule of thumb to remember while choosing a place for your restaurant is that identify your closest competitor in that area and study their performance to gauge how much potential for growth is possible.

Additional factors to consider are visibility, size, cost, and traffic– both pedestrian and by car. When you have finalized a place, make sure to add the cost of any required renovations in the contract that you draw up with your landlord.

Crafting the Perfect Menu

Of course, to make your business a success in Dubai, you would like to hire an A-class chef. Besides that, you would like to craft a menu that perfectly aligns with your concept or create a menu first and mold your concept accordingly. Whatever way you go about it, you should know that creating a restaurant menu is more than just hastily slapping together a list of dishes with fancy descriptions.

The menu should showcase your restaurant’s concept and should target your customers adequately. For example, if you are located near a university, then naturally, your customers will primarily be composed of university students. You may want to design a menu that features quick items that can be prepared quickly as well as can be consumed swiftly, too, or can be taken out also, such as sandwiches, salads, soups, and wraps.

It is crucial to understand food costs and what can be done to minimize said cost and maximize your profits. A reminder to don’t attempt any weird combinations in the hopes that it works. Rather channel your creative energy into crafting an enticing menu that attracts customers to your restaurant in Dubai.

Staffing to Start Your Restaurant

Hiring the right person for the right job is extremely important; it is even more significant when hiring for a newly-opened restaurant. Think twice before hiring family and friends just because they are your kin. Even though there are many thriving family-run restaurants, still you should steer clear of hiring from either group.

The hiring of a good head chef is pivotal for the success of your restaurant. Therefore, you should consider it carefully, weighing all your options before making any decisions.

Also, don’t forget to train your staff so that they are on top of their game and provide the ultimate service to your customers.

License Required for Opening a Restaurant in Dubai

As with any business obtaining a relevant permit is required to operate within legal bounds. You need to apply for a license from the UAE government if you want to start a restaurant in Dubai. The cost of these licenses is variable, depending on multiple facets, namely, the size of your eatery and its location. It is recommended that you apply for them early so that you can avoid any inconvenience as they can take a lot of time for approval.

Create an Ambiance that Guests want to go back to

Never be cheap and create an ambiance for the customers that they want to come back to. Spend an adequate amount of money to create a fantastic guest experience. The money spent building the perfect ambiance is paramount in adding value to the guest and subsequently creating the necessary buzz about your restaurant.

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