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8 major changes announced to the UAE Visa rules

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One point that made the UAE stand out when it comes to countries with great business prospects is that the authorities provided a safe environment, where not only the laws were being implemented to maintain a good law and order situation, entry into the UAE was also made easy through the establishment of international airports and travel services which were encouraged by UAE’s visa and entry policies.

The authorities have a good understanding of how crucial these things can be when they are trying to promote business setup in UAE. UAE government provides easy procedures for businessmen and investors to apply for visa to enter the UAE for their business setup in UAE. The process is fast and hassle-free and that has made travelling to the UAE extremely comfortable in all ways.

The changes made in Visa rules

Let us now talk about the changes in the visa rules that were made by the UAE authorities. It is not necessary that these were made due to issues with previous set of rules. It is totally normal to changes rules and regulations considering the future forecasts made about the business setup in Dubai in the country and to prepare to deal with the increased volume of people entering the UAE.

  1. The new insurance policy costs just AED 60 per worker working in the UAE. The new policy has reduced burden on employers and also increased the coverage for workers in the UAE. Transit passengers will not be charged with a transit fee for the first 48 hours according to the new policy. They will also be able to extend their stay for another 96 hours at a very low cost of AED 50.
  2. For those who have overstayed in the UAE, the government has legislated for a new 6 month temporary visa that can be obtained free of charges for those who still want to work in the UAE.
  3. Good news for those who overstay in the UAE is that they will not be banned from re-entering the UAE if they decide to leave the UAE willingly. The step is to encourage implementation of law.
  4. Those who were residing in the UAE illegally can leave the country with the maximum punishment of not being able to enter the UAE for 2 years only. A valid return ticket has to be provided for this procedure to be completed.
  5. The government of UAE and Russia agreed to draw a policy whereby citizens of both countries can visit the other country visa free. The policy will further improve ties between the countries as tourism and trade will flourish further.
  6. People of determination will also be able to enter the job market easily and find employment as part of the new visa rules. Equal employment opportunities will be provided to them when it comes to employment in the government sector.
  7. If your visa is expiring, you can get it renewed for a small fee without having to leave the country and going through a long process.

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