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3 Simple steps to renew business license in dubai

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One of the many ways in which the authorities in the UAE keep their regulatory hand high is through renewal requirement for business licenses. But the authorities have also provided ease for renewal of existing business licenses. Once you are done with company formation in Dubai, the business license needs to be renewed every year. You can get your business licenses renewed through business service providers, law firms and authorized service agents etc.

How to obtain trade license in Dubai

In order to obtain a trade license to use the business opportunities in UAE you need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose a name for your company
  2. Apply for registration of your business setup in Dubai
  3. Obtain the company’s Memorandum of Association (MOA) notarized by Department of Economic Development
  4. Relevant company documents are required to be filed.
  5. You must have an establishment card from the Ministry of Labour
  6. Get your native workers registered with Ministry of Labour
  7. Native workers also need to be registered with the General Authority for Pension and Social Security.

File company documents

Businessmen need to submit their company documents to the DED and get a trade license. Then, the businessmen must apply for membership of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI). For a Trade License and Commercial Registration Certificate to be issued, the applicant must make submission of the following original documents at the Commercial Registry section of DED. Applicants can also make this submission of original documents online as well.

  1. Application form with the signature of company’s manager or company’s legal representatives (Approved)
  2. Memorandum of Association.
  3. Letter by DED’s approval for the name of the company
  4. Company approval letter by DED’s Committee of Limited Liability Companies.
  5. Partners’ passport copies

Once the documents have been submitted, the Commercial Registry decides whether or not the documents are valid, sans legal or other discrepancies, and in proper order. The name of the company is then formally entered into the Commercial Register.

Business activities fall into following categories of licenses

  1. Commercial licenses
  2. Professional licenses
  3. Industrial licenses
  4. Tourism

How to get your business license renewed in Dubai?

Let’s look at the list of document required for business license renewal:

  1. A typed BR/1 form
  2. A photocopy of Tenancy Contract and your Ejari Registration Certificate
  3. Current business trade license’s photocopy
  4. Business partners’ passport photocopies

These are the steps that you need to follow to renew your trade license:

Have a valid tenancy contract

Ensure that your company’s tenancy contract should have a validity of at least 1 month and it should be attested by Ejari. If the tenancy contract does not have the validity of 1 month, you cannot apply for renewal of the associated license.

Apply for a renewal license

Apply for renewal of your business setup in Dubai license with the DED, along with all the documents required. You can apply for renewal through e-services, mobile application, authorized law firms, and authorized service centers.


After you have submitted the application, the DED will allot you a payment voucher. After you receive the voucher, proceed with the payment. You will immediately receive your renewed business license after you make the payment.

Need help?

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