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In today’s fast economy a lot of individuals and corporates set their goals towards Business Setup in UAE. While some wish to setup new business in the Dubai Mainland, there are those who would prefer Dubai Free Zone as an option.  Similarly, a vast number of international patrons also seek to setup businesses in Dubai as a representative office or a branch office in the UAE. Setting up a business in the UAE is an objective for a lot of entrepreneurs around the globe. However, setting up a business in UAE is a challenging task since the growing economy of Dubai is attractive to a lot of competition within the region. This poses as a concern for new startups who are attempting to make a foothold in the market. In order to minimize risk and safely set up a business in UAE, there comes a need for a proper guideline that individuals or corporates can follow to enter in a new market.

A brief glimpse of the following are the options for setting up a business in the UAE, namely; business setup in a Free zone, business setup within the Dubai mainland and formation of offshore company. If an individual or corporate wishes to target the local market, the Mainland company setup would be most the most suitable course of business setup. For those whose trade is in import & re-export or who prefer 100% self-ownership of their business, they can may prefer a free zone company in any of UAE Free Zone as per their requirements. If the sole purpose of the business is to deal in international business or trade and look for a corporate bank account in Dubai, the offshore company setup would be the best course.

As Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, KWS-ME can guide you in selecting the best structure of business for you in the most cost and time efficient manner.

  • KWS-ME can recommend the most cost effective Business setup solution in Dubai.
  • KWS-ME’s Business setup consultants can be instrumental in helping out with decision-making
  • Having a Business consultant within Dubai could reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • KWS-ME’s Business setup consultants can expedite the incorporation process.

KWS-ME Guides its patrons in selecting the most feasible form of jurisdiction for setting up a business in UAE by executing proper legal procedures. KWS-ME’s Consultants are highly skilled and perfectly capable of guiding you with your Business Setup in UAE.

The United Arab Emirates has been reputed for being a stable economic base. It enjoys this economic consistency over the years and as such, has become a global economic hub.

Dubai lies in the centre of the UAE’s economy, with a well-known reputation for its growth, economy political stability and low crime rate. The United Arab Emirates has always been able to survive and thrive despite of political and economic fluctuations worldwide.

The government of UAE has taken steps to ensure that UAE remains conducive for foreign investors to invest in the market by enforcing open market policies, friendly foreign investment policies, regulations for private sectors that benefit international investors, developing infrastructures and minimal governmental control.


It is one of the best offshore locations to start the business due to:


  • World-class facilities for living and doing business.
  • Stable government with rapidly growing economy.
  • Dubai becomes pioneer in health, education and government sectors.
  • Expo 2020 host country title has been awarded to Dubai.
  • UAE is the business hub in MENA region.
  • Pre-defined business jurisdictions with developed infrastructures.
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