Incorporation of Dubai Mainland Company

Incorporation of a Dubai Mainland Company must include a local sponsor who will own 51% shares of the company. The presence of a local sponsor and his majority shares in the company is made compulsory by the UAE law.  The foreign investor will own the rest of the 49% shares of the company. If the mainland company is going to provide professional services, then in this scenario, a local service agent is a must who will be representing the company in government offices. The owner of a professional mainland company is allowed to own the company 100%.

KWS-ME can help you find the right local sponsor and local service agent for your business. We will do your work while you can sit back and relax and give undivided attention to your business.

Salient Features of a Dubai Mainland Company:

  • Zero corporate tax is allowed on the mainland company
  • Capital requirement is not mandatory for Dubai Mainland License
  • Not to worry about mandatory audit requirement
  • Easy and less complicated process for formation of a Dubai Mainland Company
  • You can handle and control your business from any part of the UAE
  • Easy to get the license for a Dubai Mainland Company
  • Operating in an environment which is business-friendly and offers many growth opportunities
  • No restriction on the currency
  • Employment Visa
  • Easy Account opening
  • You can build your office anywhere in Dubai
  • Easy and complete repatriation of capital
Limited Liability Company:

It can do trading activities and formed by a partnership between a minimum of 2 and a maximum of fifty partners. Liability of each partner is determined by his or her share of paid-up capital.

Professional Mainland Company:

This type of company will engage itself in professional services. It will have a local service agent and full ownership rights.

Branch office:

The branch office will have full ownership. It will be owned by a foreign company wanting to establish a representative office in Dubai. However, the rules and regulations governing the business environment will apply on this office.

Why KWS-ME? How KWS-ME Benefits You in Incorporation of a Mainland Company?

At KWS-ME, we have a world of experience and expertise in getting your company formed in the most hassle-free and professional manner possible.

  • With our healthy linkages and deep experience of working with government offices, we will get your work done in a matter of no time at all.
  • We will guide you, help you, and walk you through the entire process of getting your company incorporated step by step so that you can clearly see how your company is ready for the launch into the business world of Dubai
  • We will incorporate LLC, Professional Company, and Industrial Company or whatever business activity or legal form you want for your company.
  •  We will get your trade license issued by the Department of Economic Development.
  • Get you registered with Chamber of Commerce and help you finalize leasing agreements
  • Finding you the most reliable and suitable local sponsor or service agent
  • Establishment card or labor card processing
  • Professional introduction with bank and helping you open your bank account
  • Preparation of Memorandum of Association (MOA) and all other relevant and necessary documents
  • We will provide PRO services and business support services which you need to get your business off the ground
  • Get your documents duly notarized
  • Get your license issued, your company formed, renewal of license, and company liquidation services
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