Dubai South Free Zone (Dubai World Center)

Dubai is ambitious. And Dubai South Free Zone is perfect example of Dubai Government’s ambitious nature. Dubai South is the world’s first purposefully-made metropolis. Dubai South Free Zone’s proximity to the Jebel Ali Port positions it to get the best of the both worlds. It has its own unique first-rate infrastructure supporting all kinds of business activities and secondly it gives easy access to logistical facilities through the sea port.

The world-beating Dubai South Free Zone has an international airport, Business Park, Logistics District, Commercial District, Aviation District, Residential District, Golf District, and Humanitarian & Exhibition District. Everything about Dubai South Free Zone is purposefully-built and in proper order. The airport in Dubai South Free Zone is one of the largest airport facilities in the world. No wonder, DSFZ is a breeding ground of all kinds of business activities.

There are three main areas of Dubai South Free Zone with each specifically catering to specific areas of business-related and non-business activities.

Dubai South has been divided into three districts

Aviation District

Logistic District

Free Zone Business Park

Aviation District

If your business is related to aviation, then Aviation District is where you want to be at. Aviation District is specifically designed to manufacturing, professional services, trainings & research related to aviation. Basically, Aviation District is setup to promote aviation industry in the most comprehensive and professional manner possible in one area.

Logistics District

The name says it all. Logistics District gives your business 360 degrees of connectivity. In one area, you are connected to the world through air, sea, road, and very fast internet. Once you become a part of this district, you are automatically upgraded to become an integral part of the global supply chain. You are inducted into the international trade loop in all four ways.

Free Zone Business Park

Dubai South Free Zone Business Park not only gives you the best possible infrastructure to benefit from, but its strategic location allows your business to think in terms of long term stay because it has the capability to provide you with innumerable growth opportunities. Plus, you can fully own your business, you don’t have to pay taxes, and easy lease terms for office setup can be obtained just as easily. You get access to a whole range of smart office spaces in the Business Park. More importantly, you can get all that at reasonable prices. This is a perfect setup for small and medium scale businesses.

Dubai South Free Zone Offers:

  • Business Park
  • Business Complex
  • Smart Office/Shared Desks/Commercial Spaces
  • Warehousing Facilities
  • Top-class Aviation Facilities
  • Easy Land Leasing Options
  • Access to Logistics
  • 360 Degrees of Connectivity

Advantages Offered by Dubai South Free Zones:

  • You can fully own your business
  • Tax-free regime
  • Fully-developed infrastructure conducive for all kinds of business activities
  • Easy land leasing options
  • A wide variety of office spaces for businesses
  • You can start your business as a free zone company or non-bonded zone company
  • Al Maktoum International Air Port and Sea Port

Requirements in Dubai South For Starting a Business:

Having a Dubai South Business License is a must along with registration of your company as a Free Zone Enterprise for starting a business in Dubai South. Free Zone Enterprise is easy to set up for any kind of business.

Incorporation of a company does not formally start before securing an initial approval from the Free Department. Then application for incorporation goes through an appraisal by the competent authority, which takes about 10-15 days. Submission of business plan is mandatory in otherwise cases except when the business needs to lease office space. The fee for incorporation of company is submitted to the Dubai South Company Registrar that is the license issuing authority.

The Dubai South Company Registrar will issue these documents once the application has been approved. (An LLC will have to meet the minimum capital requirement too):

  • MOA (Memorandum of Association)
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Shareholding certificate for each shareholder
  • Company’s Article of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Registration will be issued to the Branch Office

Limited Liability Company

  • An LLC in Dubai South has shareholders, Directors, Secretary, and Managers.
  • An LLC is a perfectly legal entity with an identity of its own.
  • 300,000 Dirhams is the minimum capital requirement for an LLC
  • Each shareholder has his liability limited to the amount of share he has in the capital

Branch/Representative Office of a Foreign Company or a UAE-based Company

  • General Manager of a branch office is a must.
  • A branch office of a foreign company is the legal entity of the parent company
  • The name of the parent company and branch office cannot be dissimilar
  • No BODs or secretary is allowed for a branch office

Easy Leasing Options Available to Businesses in DSFZ

Easy leasing options are available to businesses in the Dubai South Free Zone which can help a business to obtain office space, warehousing facilities, and plots of land for a variety of purposes. After the incorporation process is completed, leasing agreement is issued to the business.

Trade License

Products specified on the trade license are allowed to be imported, exported, stored, distributed, marketed, and sold. Without a trade license, these business activities cannot be legally carried out.

Professional License

Professional services can be given under this license such insurance, consultancy etc.

Logistics License

All services related to logistics can be carried out once you have obtained a logistics license. You can store, distribute, sort, manage, forward, clear, and transport products outside of the UAE but not within the country.

Industrial License

All manufacturing related activities can be carried out under an Industrial License.

Education License

Education license allows you run an educational institute.

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