Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA)

With an aim to catch the attention of international and regional investors by providing them with a unique opportunity to grow in a modern, fully-developed business friendly environment in Dubai Airport Free Zone where the opportunity to become a part of international trade lanes is simply inevitable, Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) was formally set underway in 1996 by the government of Dubai.

The purpose was to create a Free Zone with international repute and contribute to the UAE economy too.  Dubai Airport Free Zone has shown tremendous performance as today it is home to some of the most renowned and recognizable brands in the world. Nearly 1700 companies from a range of fields have set up their operations in Dubai Airport Free Zone.

Company Incorporation in DAFZA

Businesses wanting to set up their operations in DAFZ will have an unparalleled strategic access to a world-class airport facility nearby which would definitely give them an inimitable advantage in terms of availability of transportation means. DAFZ is also home a number of important government offices which makes getting information and guidelines easier.

The infrastructure of Dubai Airport Free Zone is truly well-developed and well-looked after which helps businesses to operate in an environment which is geared towards improving the situation for them. Plus tax exemptions, low import/export duties, repatriation of earnings, and full ownership are some of the benefits that a company in DAFZ can get.

Salient Features of Dubai Airport Free Zone

  • The business environment in DAFZ is welcoming, healthy for growth, and constantly improving
  • World-class logistical & cargo-related facilities available to businesses just nearby in DAFZ
  • Proximity to government offices makes easy for business to get information and certain services quickly
  • A world-class facility of an international airport offers global connectivity unlike any
  • Easy access to government services

Dubai Airport free zone Facilities

Amenities/Services Offered to DAFZ Companies

  • World-class Meeting rooms
  • Business Lounges
  • Special Halls for Lectures
  • Equipment for making presentations
  • Catering available
  • Visualizers, Stationary & Flipcharts
  • Car rental facilities
  • Food cafes
  • Medical facilities

Office Facilities

  • Predesigned and customized office facilities
  • Offices fitted with top-quality equipments and office paraphernalia
  • Fully-equipped and furnished offices
  • You get office on one year lease
  • The lease is renewable each year
  • 25 Square Meters is the minimum office space required for setting up a business and obtaining a license for it
  • For every 50 Square meters, visas for 4 employees is issued

Light Industrial Units

Light industrial units are facilities available to businesses opening up in JAFZA which are basically predesigned facilities designed to suit and accommodate multiple business activities like storing, warehousing, distributing and small-scale manufacturing.

These multipurpose facilities offer many benefits like:

  • Industrial units come with a separate space for offices
  • The built-quality of these facilities is superb
  • All the units are thermally insulated which gives these facilities an added advantage and make the working environment pleasant
  • Light Industrial Units can be obtained on a lease which is renewed every year
  • They are situated near the airport which makes logistics-related activities unproblematic
  • A single company can operate multiple units

Other Facilities

Business setup at DAFZA will provide you with some other Facilities such as Car rental services, Food court, Medical clinic etc.

Key Advantages of Incorporating a Company in DAFZ

  • Propinquity to a world-class airport and air logistical facility
  • No restriction on movement of whichever currency
  • Exemption from 51% local ownership rule
  • Repatriation of earnings, no questions asked
  • A tax-free environment; no income tax, no import/export duties etc.

Classification of Companies Operating in DAFZ

1. Free Zone Business Entity

Free Zone Business Entity can be incorporated by a single person or a combination of up to 50 partners.

2. Branch Office Business Step up

Any foreign company can open up its representative branch office in DAFZ.

Classification of Licenses Available to Businesses in DAFZ

Trading License

A company wanting to get involved with distributing, storing, and selling of a product or wants to engage itself in import/export activities, then it needs a Trade License for which the annual renewal fee is around AED 15,000 or USD 4,082.

Professional or Service License

This type of license is obtained when the company is to engage itself in offering specialized professional services to customers. The fees for obtaining and annual renewal for this license is the same as a trade license.

Industrial License

It is required for a business doing industrial or manufacturing activities.

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