Company Registration in Dubai

Once your business plan is ready, reviewed, and finalized on the basis of some solid market research, you could go on with registering your company in either of the two options available to you, either as Free Zone Business Entity or Dubai Mainland Business Entity. Depending on the nature of your business and operational requirements and other business-related considerations, you can go for either of the two options available. For the Dubai Mainland Company incorporation, you will have to get the company registered with Dubai Department for Economic Development. DED is also the license issuing authority.

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Procedural Requirements for Registration of Business

Choose Your Business

Depending on the nature of business you choose, you can get your business registered under a relevant business activity. There are many available for you to choose from. Therefore, choose wisely.

Decide What Legal Form Your Business Will Take

It is the type of business activity and nature of your business which would help you make an informed decision about the type of legal form that is best suited to the needs and aspirations of your business set-up.

Choose a Name for Your Company

Follow the company name guidelines given for selecting the name for your company.

Getting A No Objection or Initial Approval Certificate:

You have to get a No Objection or Initial Approval Certificate from the government before the registration of your company. Any company, be it a sole proprietorship , LLC, or partnership company, they have to get the approval or no objection certificate which clearly states the type of business activity the company would engage in and the legal form of the company. The validity of this certificate is 6 months. The application can be filed online.

Preparing Memorandum of Association or Local Service Agreement (LSA)

Preparation of Memorandum of Association or Local Service Agreement is the next step in getting a company registered with the government. LSA is required when the business entity’s legal form is a partnership company, and then LSA is drafted with a Local UAE national.

Memorandum of Association will have a mention of company’s legal form which could be one of the following:

  • Private Shareholding Entity or Company
  • Partnership Entity or Company
  • Civil Entity or Company
  • Limited Liability Entity or Company
  • Public Shareholding Entity or Company
  • Simple Limited Partnership Entity or Company

In the case of a sole proprietorship or sole ownership company, Memorandum of Association is not required. However, if the branch or office of an existing foreign company is to be established, then Memorandum of Association is a requirement. LSA is a necessity when a Civil Company with no UAE National, the branch of a foreign company, or branch of a Free Zone Company is to be established.

Finalize the Location for Your Company

The location for your business must be finalized as early as possible because a business entity must have a corporate address. The approval for the location of your company must have Dubai Municipality’s Approval. If the company is a partnership company, and the partner is a UAE national who has a license for the location, in that case only add the name of the business entity on that location.

Getting a License

Some business activities cannot be carried out if the business entity does not have the appropriate license for carrying out that business activity. A hospital cannot be set up unless it gets an approval from Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Different license can be obtained from different government departments.

Getting a Trade License

After the completion of the procedures highlighted above, getting a trade or business license is just 7 or 8 days away from you. Once again, how early you can get it depends on the nature of your business and other requisite approvals.

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Cost of Company Registration in Dubai

The cost of getting your company registered with the Department for Economic Development must also be included in the comprehensive business plan which you have drawn up for your business. This cost cannot be ignored. An estimation of the cost of registration of your company can be made by using the useful tools available on the official website of DED.

The procedural processes and costs involved in the registration of company in different Free Zone Areas of Dubai are different. A rule or law that is applicable in one Free Zone may not be applicable in the other Free Zone Area. Free Zones make it necessary for businessmen wanting to open a business must show a minimum amount of capital set by the Free Zone rules.

The cost of importing goods into the UAE must also be taken into account when a company is about to be established.


Why do you want to do business in Dubai?

Dubai’s economic stability is too alluring as it draws businesses from all over the world into its fold in which economic prosperity is touching new heights with every passing moment. Its strategic location gives businesses a platform to do spread their business tentacles both in the East and West. All you need is a company in Dubai.

Dubai Mainland Company will be registered with DED. It will also need a local partner who will hold 51% capital share of your company. You can be a full owner of your company when you are working in a Free Zone.

What legal form your company can take in Dubai?

Depending on the nature of the business activity that your company is going to be involved in, the legal form of your company can be decided or the type of your company.

  • Partnership
  • Limited Liability
  • Private Shareholding
  • Sole Establishment
  • Public Shareholding

What is business license or trade license??

No business can operate in Dubai without an appropriate trade or business license. A trade or business license is issued by relevant government departments based on the location of your business setup. Your business could be a Free Zone Company or an LLC.

Three types of trade licenses can be obtained for your business in Dubai:

Commercial License:

A business entity that engages in trading activities like buying and selling goods in Dubai is issued a Commercial License. That business entity is not allowed to do anything outside the purview of the Trade License.

Professional License:

A Professional license is issued to businesses involved in the provision of specialized services to the customers. Artisans, doctors, engineers, architects, and other technical services providers need a professional license to start a business in Dubai.

Industrial License:

Businesses that do manufacturing or any other type of industrial activity will have to obtain an Industrial License. Anything not mentioned in the license cannot be manufactured. In order to obtain this Trade License, the company has to have a physical office in UAE. Such a license holding company often engages in industrial operations which involve the importation of input material from outside Dubai for manufacturing of products which would be exported.

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