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KWS-ME provides integrated end-to-end business support services to its clients who are interested in incorporating and starting their businesses in Dubai. Through our trusted network of professionals & experts with healthy links with the banks and government departments of Dubai, company formation would be a tranquil, hassle-free experience for our esteemed clients. KWS-ME offers its inimitable services to its clients to literally walk them through the process of registration of their companies.

Dubai has become a veritable magnet for trade activities. Dubai has attracted thousands of businesses from all over the world to its fold to revel in the money-making opportunities that the city literally and figuratively throws up with reckless abandon. However, the economy of Dubai is anything except reckless about the procedures it has laid down for company registration.

No business can operate in Dubai without going through proper registration process and without getting a trade license. This process is not easy for novices to follow because of unfamiliarity with the customs of Dubai or lack of awareness about the rules. This is where KWS-ME comes into play big time and offers its company incorporation services to help our clients establish their business operations in Dubai. KWS-ME would take care of the incorporation process of your company while you can sit back & relax or focus on other important things.

Company Incorporation: Getting Started in Dubai

Three different types of companies can be incorporated in Dubai.

Offshore Company

Any legal entity established, with the purpose of making the profit, outside the country of residence is an offshore company. Such a venture is often established in a tax-free haven or an offshore financial center and known by many names such as an international business company or non-resident company. It is can be incorporated with 100% foreign ownership. An offshore company is for better management of assets, mutual funds, and properties.

Onshore Company

A company is called an onshore company if is established in mainland Dubai and can conduct business with both local and international businesses. It is both local and international simultaneously. However, the catch is that no mainland company can operate without a local partner or service agent.

Free Zone Company

Free Zone Company allows 100% foreign ownership. Free Zone Company will have to face certain obstacles conducting local business but it is fully allowed to take part in international business or international trade.

Incorporating a Company in Dubai:

Do you wish to benefit from the thriving economy of Dubai by establishing a business of your own here? Do you want to get your company registered? Then you should decide as early as possible that what business you would like to do in Dubai. Then you should also decide where exactly in Dubai you would like to do business. These two questions are important because their answers would determine what rules, laws and procedures would apply on your company. The process of incorporation of your company will change or experience some procedural tweaks here and there based on the nature of your business and where it is to be set up.

Process of Incorporating a Company in Dubai:

Finding a local support:

The UAE law makes it binding upon foreign investors to find a local sponsor before starting up a business setup in Dubai. The rule says that 51% of the paid-up capital will be owned by the local sponsor. There are some exceptions to the rule in the following cases:   

  • A local branch of a foreign business set up in Dubai is 100% owned by the foreign business
  • A professional or technical services company is allowed exemption from the 51% ownership rule.
  • A Free Zone Company is allowed full ownership by a person of foreign origin.
  • Areas in Dubai where the law says that 100% local ownership is allowed.
  • Nationals of GCC are sometimes in some cases given 100% ownership of their companies in Dubai
  • Full ownership can be allowed if a company owned the GCC nationals partners with another owned by a UAE local.

Name Selection: Choose a name for your company when you are deciding to get your business incorporated because it is important to have the name of the company registered as well from the Department of Economic Development.


Location of Business: Decide where you are going to set up the offices of your business. Find a suitable place for your business, and make a tenant’s contract with the owner of the land which should highlight the terms and conditions & tenure of the agreement. This has to be submitted with the DED.


Memorandum of Association: Hire a legal firm to make a draft of your Memorandum of Association which should have your local sponsor’s consent to the arrangement of profit sharing highlighted in the legal document. This is then submitted to the Department of Economic Development.


Final Application Submission: All the documents and records prepared in connection with the incorporation of your company must be submitted to the Department of Economic Development. Then after a thorough review of your application, DED will issue a trade license allowing you to set up your business operations in Dubai.

Benefit of Incorporation of Company in Dubai:

The reason why the UAE is such a stable economy is that the country has proper checks and balances in place which gives the much needed atmospheric certainty the businesses need to formulate long-term policies. Here are some benefits of incorporating your company in Dubai:

  • A highly-developed and constantly updated telecommunications systems
  • Exemplary mass transportation system makes commuting unproblematic and cheaper
  • A very conducive environment with long term strategic certainty and predictability that helps in the formulation of long policy goals
  • The UAE is at the crossroads of international trade and business so you also become part of the international loop
  • An economy integrated with the global economic order; a truly international experience & exposure
  •  Free unhinged access to enterprise system
  • International events, conferences, and exhibitions get held here. A very happening place is Dubai.
  •  A robust financial sector with a whole host of financial services up for grabs
  • A great lifestyle coupled with luxurious residential & commercial accommodations
  • A very large pool of cheap workforce is available for recruitment

Incorporation of a company in Dubai is a tediously strenuous work but the long term benefits of this process cannot be overemphasized. The formal incorporation of a company is a legal obligation for any business wanting to establish operations in Dubai.

Every business has to go through this process of incorporation. Every business entity gets registered which ensures a fair competitive environment. This process of getting every business entity registered is something that gives Dubai a structural certainty and a stable financial environment.

The process of incorporation of a business entity in Dubai is complex and well-regulated by government authorities. Therefore, it is imperative for aspiring entrants to hire expert services who are going to get the work done for them.

Business Entities in Dubai


Free Zone Company

  • Exemption from 51% ownership requirement; full ownership allowed
  • Tax-free environment
  • Mass transportation system for commuting
  • Ease of getting  a bank account opened
  • A conducive environment for growth and ease of operations
  • Predesigned warehousing and accommodation and office space facilities
  • Visas with 3 years of validity available for investors, management, and family.

Offshore Company

  • Exemption from 51% ownership requirement; full ownership allowed
  • Secrecy and confidentiality of businesses is never compromised.
  • No exchange of information agreement with other countries
  • The infrastructure available helps in cost reduction and overheads savings
  • Ease in getting a bank account opened.
  • Multiple currency account can be opened.
  • Quick and prompt registration and formation process
  • Mutual funds, property, and other assets can be controlled and managed using an offshore company
  • No requirement for office space
  • No visa necessary

Dubai Mainland Company

  • Exemption from 51% ownership requirement is awarded in case of a professional service license.
  • Higher profit sharing ratio can be arranged despite having 49% share in the company
  • Low or Zero corporate taxes
  •  A large pool of multinational talent available for recruitment
  • Well regulated and ever improving infrastructure
  • You can play both locally, nationally, and internationally

Branch / Representative Office

  • 100% ownership is allowed to foreign companies and investors
  • No taxation policy; no income tax or other forms of taxes
  • Import/export duties are lax
  • A large pool of multinational talent available for recruitment
  • Lax freight charges

KWS-ME Company Incorporation/Registration Services in the UAE

KWS-ME gives a whole range of business support services including incorporation and formation of companies in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. We have at our disposal a very competent and experienced team of professionals and experts with strong public relations expertise to help you get your company incorporated in a seamless manner. And not just that, we will also help with your business development goals and get your business up and run. We give educated suggestions, prepare document – legal and financial, qualitative and quantitative – and help you find local sponsors for your business. Our way of saying we care about our customers is clearly manifested in the fact that we are prepared to help you get your business ready for the market with our vast knowledge and experience.

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