January 2018

What Are the Challenges To Run A Business In Dubai

What Are the Challenges To Run A Business In Dubai?

Dubai has become financial hub of Middle East holding many indisputable benefits for the people living and working in here as well as foreign entrepreneurs wishing to start a business in Dubai. These benefits include excellent infrastructure, tax free environment for running businesses, great strategic location for trade and availability of numerous free zones with investor friendly policies to promote Foreign Direct Investment. These benefits and many others combine together to make Dubai a modern, vibrant and an innovative [...]

Why Businesses Need To Register a Trademark

Why Businesses Need To Register A Trademark?

If you are planning to start a business in Dubai, you need to take care of certain aspects and fulfill many requirements that your business requires. After you have gone through company registration process, another aspect upon which people generally do not put much emphasis on, but it is quite vital to business success; is the trademark of your company. In this article, we will explain you in detail the definition of trademark and why its registration is important [...]

How Expo 2020 Impact the SMEs

How Expo 2020 Impact the SMEs

The city of Dubai made a significant advancement in global economic forum by winning the bid to host hugely significant Expo 2020. This will be the first time that Expo 2020 will be hosted in Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA) region. Expo 2020 in Dubai is considered to be the first Expo in which majority of visitors will come from foreign destinations. Over 25 million people are expected to attend this glorious event. The original theme of [...]

How to Start a Branch Office in Dubai

How to Start a Branch Office in Dubai

A foreign company planning to start its business in Dubai must first decide on whether it will go for new company setup in Dubai or start a branch office. While there are numerous benefits of formation of a new company in UAE, however setting up branch or representative office is another popular way of widening a company’s operations. This practice is common due to the reason that it allows foreign investor to retain 100% ownership of his company. Branch offices [...]

Why businesses need a local sponsor to start a business in Dubai

Why businesses need a local sponsor to start a business in Dubai?

Let’s admit it, setting up your own business is a quite a challenging task. Even more difficult is to setup your business on a foreign territory; about which you have no idea such as their government regulations, economy, business structure, policies, local culture etc. These added complications make your task a bit of a minefield. Surprisingly, these hazards do not put a foreign entrepreneur off when it comes to setup their business in Dubai. Why? Because Dubai has made [...]


Cost of Setup A Business in Dubai

The city of Dubai is a dream place for expats who want to pursue their career and live better lives. It is also a great place for foreign investment where you have multiple business opportunities and flexible business laws which drive you to setup your business in UAE. If you are new here or if you have been living here for years, establishing your business here is quite a tough task for which there are whole lot of considerations. [...]


Setup your business in Dubai with KWS Middle East

From last many years Dubai has become one of the key areas for foreign investor to invest in Dubai and investors all around the world are using this platform to expand there business. With its advanced infrastructure backed by government support, benefits of tax free zones and an ease of setting up a new business, the city of Dubai has become an ideal place for entrepreneurs around the world. Company formation in Dubai or Business setup in Dubai is not as [...]


Time Required Starting a Business in Dubai

Dubai ranked among st the top economies which offers significant and attractive work environment that’s why the investors around the world are investing in Dubai as compare to other Middle East locations. Because of the rapid growth in the economy more and more businesses want to start business in Dubai but there is always a common question which every investor has in mind that how much time required starting a business in Dubai? To start a business, businesses need to [...]


Benefits of Tax Free Zones for Businesses

The purpose of a free-zone is to attract foreign investment because investors around the world will be willing to invest in new regions if they found any benefits in new regions as compare to their home country. That’s why different countries have free-zones to attract foreign investment and these investments around the world help these regions to develop a strong economy. There are many countries that have free-zones for businesses to invest in but most popular and preferred free-zones are [...]

Effects of VAT in UAE

Effects of VAT in UAE

The year 2018 not only marks the beginning of a new year but a new era in the history of United Arab Emirates Economy as VAT takes effect. VAT is introduced at a rate of 5% implementing in UAE from January 1, 2018. However other GCC countries may start at the same time or at the latest of January 1, 2019. So what is this new concept of value added tax that is so much talked about in UAE these [...]

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