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With a robust, well-rounded infrastructure, non-existent tax regime, stable economy, faultless law & order situation, myriad Free Zones and over 200 nationalities make Dubai an irresistibly attractive destination for setting up all kinds of businesses. A truly cosmopolitan city is Dubai that manifests itself in its remarkable human diversity, futuristic architecture, and ever-expanding business potential – the excellence of human ingenuity and economic brilliance found in Dubai draws people from everywhere to come to this part of the world and start either a Dubai Mainland Company or Dubai Free Zone Company. A foreign company can establish a representative branch here also. Therefore, options and opportunities are limitless when a business wants to come to Dubai.

There are a number of options available to a potential investor in Dubai: an investor can start a Dubai Mainland Company if he wishes to target the local population or an Offshore Company if he wants to go global or a Free Zone Company if he wishes to have complete ownership rights of his business or a Representative Branch Office if he is a foreign company wanting to establish a presence in this part of the world and strengthen his global presence and footprint.

Dubai is a well-regulated economy. There are proper checks and balances in place here. Every business has to go through a complicated series of authorizations & ritualistic procedures before getting government permission to start operations here. And getting permission from the government can be a dauntingly challenging task. A business aspiring to come to Dubai is most likely to save a lot of time and money by choosing to hire professional help to guide him through a labyrinth of channels and government offices for getting approvals.

This is where KWS-ME comes into the picture big time with its vast, reliable experience and personalized services in order to help you choose the best business model, the best company setup, and the best place for doing business in Dubai. KWS-ME will guide you through the dark, murky alleys of government authorizations and approvals in a way that would save you time and money so that you can focus on more important things.

  • With KWS-ME you’re hiring the best possible business support service available in Dubai
  • KWS-ME will tell you which business setup is most suited to your business needs & aspirations
  • KWS-ME will help you get the required approvals and authorizations and trade licenses
  • Right at the beginning, before you even start your business, KWS-ME is partnering with you in order to optimize your business potential
  • KWM-SE will get your company incorporated in no time at all.
  • With our most competent team of highly experienced professionals and experts, we would help you select the place where you need to start your business from and help you go through the legal processes in a seamless manner so that your business enterprise becomes a winning enterprise in Dubai.

The Vision

“To be the first and foremost business advisory in the town that provides the best and cost-effective business solutions.”

The Mission

“To become the number one and most trusted choice of businesses that want to establish a presence in the UAE with our most reliable, trustworthy and exceptional business support services.”

Our Values

“Honesty breeds trust. Trust makes relationships that can stand the test of time. Honesty and trust are the core values of KWS-ME on the basis of which we believe in opening long-term partnerships.”
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